Saturday, August 25, 2007

High-Tech Corporations: HP vs. Dell

According to Mussolinis ideas for the state, the government should choose which corporations to promote. That is why the democratic party whose policies are not compatible with any of high-tech companies in Silicon Valley, was going to set an example for a successful high-tech company. Dell which follows a "politically correct" ideology is a favourite of the Democratic Party. But Dell is a low-technology company. So the democratic party chose HP to implement its policies and later to strip HP's technology and management and transfer it to Dell and break up HP to eliminate HP as the main competitor with Dell on the PC market.

To understand the Democratic party strategy is necessary to understand that the Democratic party does not believe in "Fair Competition" or "Equal opportunity for Employees". The democratic party strategy is "Wreck Companies" in order to promote its favourite companies. Also it targets individuals for murder, health damages or imposition of police supervision by framing people into criminal charges. It also uses the department of human resources to target employees and destroy their careers. It targets people who have nothing to do with any kind of politics whether "Republican" or "Democrat".

Carly Fiorina was imposed on HP as HP's CEO with promises of big government contracts in 1999. Later on she was even proposed as the President for World Bank. Carly Fiorina is probably going to be the secretary of state under a Hillary Clinton administration. She has been awarded many awards for her concern for "Charity" and "Environment". Even Bush Administration awarded her some kind of "Space Age Woman Award" whatever that means.

Carly Fiorina Job was to wreck HP and remove HP's competitive advantages over Dell. What was the difference between HP and Dell? Dell is a low price PC manufacturer. Basically Dell is no different from Frys Elctronics except in size and scale of operation. Frys Electronics can also assemble PC components into a computer. HP is a high tech company which can offer from a $80 dollars printer to a million dollar super computer. It has its own research and has many different product divisions such as inkjet and laser printers, Unix and Server groups, Software and Internet E-Commerce sections, Software Consulting and others. The most important advantage for HP was HP's high tech culture and Dell's low tech culture similar to industrial factories.

So removing the HP's high tech culture was the primary job for Carly Fiorina. According to Business Week Carly job was:

  • she must strike a delicate balance between propelling HP's stodgy culture out of its moribund ways and into the high-speed Net Age.
  • And, unlike her predecessors, Fiorina must recalibrate HP's vaunted culture, dubbed the ''HP Way.'' Founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard were renowned for emphasizing teamwork and respect for co-workers. But in recent years, that has translated into a bureaucratic, consensus-style culture that is at a sharp disadvantage in the Net-speed era.
  • Business Weekly forgot to mention: Centralization of HP resources at the top with the help of human resource department and elimination of decentralized decision making that enabled HP to be a flexible organization. In order words introduction of Soviet Style management methods with all its side effects.

Carly Fiorina started a process of destruction of HP. HP which was a free work environment under which employees could go to work whenever they wanted, was turned into a police station with daily insults of employees and managers. HP's concern for Employees to have a balanced "work and leisure time mixture" was replaced with "Sweat Shop Factory" conditions. Many HP employees reached a mental breakdown state.

Carly Fiorina bought Compaq at the price of 18 billion dollars which was opposed even by the founders of HP on HP board of directors. It caused great losses for HP.

At the same time Carly Fiorina was making all the correct noises about making HP into "HP as an Inventing Company", she accomplished the following tasks:

  • Fired a long list of high level managers who believed in high tech culture for HP.
  • Removed the consensus decision making powers of employees
  • Strengthen the Role of Human Resources Department (or the police department) against the Management Line
  • Started Talking with insults to Employees and Managers
  • Outsourced Jobs to India on a Massive Scale
  • Replaced Employees with Indian H1 Visa Holders
  • Importing and Relocating Mr. Jesse Jackson's "Oppressed People" from other states and replacing HP employees with Mr. Jackson's "highly qualified Oppressed Supporters"
  • Bought Compaq PC maker for 18 billion dollars which was going with Losses without even attempting to merge HP's PC line with Compaq's PC line.
  • Heavy losses for HP PC Line as HP was competing with its own company Compaq on the PC market
  • Reducing other HP's divisions budget and moving the capital to the HP's PC operation making HP similar to a Taiwan based low price PC maker
Immediately after the appointment of Carly Fiorina as the CEO of HP, Mr. Jesse Jackson opened his business in Silicon Valley. First he opened an office for his "Rainbow Coalition" of "Oppressed People" in Silicon Valley. Then Mr. Jackson invited Carly Fiorina together with his "oppressed people" to an expensive hotel in San Jose, California. He also invited all of the CEO's of major high tech companies in Silicon Valley to his meeting. None of them showed up except Carly Fiorina.

Mr. Jackson made some threatening noises about how "oppressed" are his people and high tech companies have to hire them. The interesting point is his "oppressed people" are not in Silicon Valley, and he meant that these companies have to pay even the transportation and relocation costs for his "oppressed people" from other states. This is what HP did when they were replacing qualified employees with Mr. Jesse Jackson's "oppressed people".

Another case was Toyota who had established a factory in a rural area in a midwestern state. Toyota failed to hire Mr. Jesse Jackson's non existant "oppressed people" as these "oppressed people" did not even live in those areas. So Mr. Jackson sued Toyota and won a 600 million dollars lawsuite against Toyota for racial discrimination of Mr. Jesse Jacksons "Oppressed People". The funny part is this: when the court announced that Mr. Jackson has won the lawsuite against Toyota, another black pastor appeared in the court and stated that:

  • "Mr. Jackson is not the only one that represents African Americans. I also represent African Americans. Please give part of the money to me too."

This black pastor was severly beaten and clubbed down by the "Oppressed Supporters" of Mr. Jackson in the court.

Carly Fiorina caused numerous other damages to HP, before she was finally fired from HP. None of "Big Government Contracts" which was promised by the democratic party materialized Carly was fired in January 2005 immediately after Bush was re-elected as HP saw no hope that democrats might offer big government contracts anymore. . Also many high level employees and managers of HP suddenly disappeared from HP and appeared on Dell management team. Carly Fiorina has a lot of insider information about HP that Dell might be able to use in order to compete with HP which is the biggest competitor with Dell on PC market.

Hollywood democrats also have started to create a high tech image for Dell computer. In a film by Al Pucino "The Recruite", Mr. Pucino working for CIA as a recruiter contacts Colin Farrel playing a young college student and talks about career options for Colin Farrel. One of the options was to work for "Dell Research" division!!!! Actually Dell has no "Research Division" and Dell is not "Researching" about anything. Dell is just a low cost computer manufacturer which is run with Sweat Shop methods and has lots of "oppressed supporters of Mr. Jesse Jackson" as its employees.

As a retaliation for firing Carly Fiorina, HP is being now investigated by police and district attorney on the grounds of "Civil Rights Violations" of HP employees civil rights in connection with a "information leaking case". HP was trying to find out who is leaking information to Dell. The district attorney considers this illegal and people should be able to leak information to Dell!!!!

At the same time when Carly Fiorina started wrecking HP in 1999, Mr. Al Gore was sending the employees of CIA for a "business trip" to Mexico to be murdered by the Mexican police and to be replaced by Mr. Jesse Jackson's "Oppressed people". Also many of those involved in Mr. Al Gore's money laundering operation in the leadership positions were African Americans telling people how to launder money.